Harrisburg Diocese
Catholic Charismatic Renewal

Alive in the Spirit,
Living for Christ



Prophesy from Previous Days of Renewal

To know the truth, My people, you must die to "self". Give Me your plans and desires that I might transform them to what they should be. Let go of what distracts you. Let go of what gives you false security. If you find your identity in power, in money, in appearance, in ability, or in possessions, you build on sand that can be swept away in an instant, and your "identity" destroyed. Humble yourself so you can see clearly the plans I have for you; so you can know what is true and have security only in Me, your Lord, God. 
(Ceil Ritchey, "Sanctuary" Lancaster 2016)

Look beyond your circumstances and trust Me for the outcome. The whole process of creation is nothing compared with the longing of God for the soul of man. Listen for My will and want My will more than anything else. When you open the door to evil, you close the door to Me. Seek the light. Submit yourself to whatever disciplines Our Father has for you so that your eyes may not become veiled to the light.
                                           (Bernice White,  "Sanctuary", Lancaster 2016)

Winter Workshop February 22, 2020 

    with Gloria Coyne


Do not be afraid of what is to come. Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world. Stand firm against the wickedness and snares of the devil and watch my hand move in your behalf.

Come into my presence and rest and your soul will find peace.

(Bernice White, Sanctuary)


"My beloved children,

You have been invited here today to grow more and more into my image.

Be aware of the many ways I lead you, guide you, direct you. Seek more and more to be with me in the silence and solitude, where I will speak to your heart. Come to the silence." (Anne Rohrbaugh, Come & See)                                                                        

Discernment  -  Be Light!
"My children, I see people that have more light; there weight has lifted in just a few hours. Just think what I can do with you when you give me everything, every day, all day...then you will! (Sharon Egan, The Spirit of Love & Mercy)

Is 42:6-7 "I, the LORD, have called you for the victory of justice,
I have grasped you by the hand;
I formed you, and set you
as a covenant of the people,
a light for the nations,
to open the eyes of the blind,
to bring out prisoners from confinement,
and from the dungeon, those who live in darkness.***** (Ceil Ritchey, Sanctuary)


"Little ones of My Most Sacred Heart,

It is with great joy that I welcome you into My presence today.

Rejoice, My little ones, rejoice in My love for you poured out 

through My Holy Spirit alive in you. Do not be afraid, little ones. 

Trust in My all merciful love. Great things will be asked of you.

You need not fear; I am with you. My heart is in your heart.

All My blessings are yours, little ones, holy ones, 

favored ones of My Most Sacred Heart." (Janet Shuttlesworth, Upper Room)


My children, you are in a boat on the stormy seas. I am in the boat, wake me. I will stand in the boat and speak to the sea, "Peace!" The stormy season in the diocese will come to an end and you, my children, will enter a season of peace! Amen. (Alex Bogdanoff, Life in the Spirit)

Day of Renewal September 21, 2019 
   with Fr. Paul Schenck

A Day of Favor

"I announce a day of favor from the Lord. The Lord Says: 'You have asked and I hear your plea. What you have asked in my name, and in my will, you will receive'." [Ceil Ritchey, Sanctuary]

A Row of Sturdy Lamp Stands

“I saw a vision of a row of sturdy lamp stands with wide, staunch candles all close together in a row with their lights burning brightly and surrounding them was utter, seeming impenetrable, darkness…the Lord says, ‘continue to stay in unity and be that bright light to others. Do not be afraid of the darkness; I am with you. Stay with Me; trust Me. You will not be overcome’.” [Ceil Ritchey, Sanctuary

I Make All Things New

“My Beloved Ones, This is a new time--a new life--a new world.  Behold, I make all things new--I am about a new work of Grace and Mercy and Cleansing for each individual and for My Church.  Do not look on the circumstances but look upon my Cross and see my love.

[Anne Rohrbaugh, Spirit of Love & Mercy]

Psalm 100 ~ A Song of Thanksgiving

“The Lord wants us to praise Him. We are not praising and thanking Him enough. When we praise the Lord, miracles happen. His praise removes our fears and replaces them with courage, and peace and joy. Let us praise the Lord. He is worthy of our praise and adoration. Let us together say: ‘Praise the Lord. Alleluia.’ We are a praising people.” [Nancy Allred, Pilgrims of Praise]

A Poem of Supplication!

“Your majesty transcends the skies

As we lift up our cries.

Mercy, O Lord, your mercy we seek.

Fill us with kindness so in gentleness we speak.


Holy Spirit, come.

The day has just begun.

As we lift our hearts to you

Fill them with your dew.

In silence we await your grace.

Holy Spirit, fill this space,

Your perfection we embrace.


Deliver us from the lion's roar.

Protect us from the feared unknown.

Surround us with your holy light.

In the shadow of His cross ignite

The fire of Your warmth shining in the night so

Darkness is dispelled,

As truth is propelled

On Spirit filled wings

Into our open hearts.” [Janet Shuttlesworth, Upper Room]

“I have anointed you. Yes, I said you. Not just the ones you look up to. I have given you a purpose for your life. Seek me. Ask me for what you need and don't forget to thank me for it and you will do marvelous things.”

[Bernice White, Sanctuary]

“People of My Most Sacred Heart, My Sacred Heart is brimming with love for you. The torrents of My graces flow down freely upon you. Gaze on the image of My Most Sacred Heart. What does it say to you? What do I say to you? My message is different for each person, carefully tailored to your life and circumstances. Spend time with Me, gazing at My Sacred Heart and let Me speak to your heart. Time spent in communion with Me is the most precious time you will ever spend. Be generous, the rewards are enormous!” [Christine Harbaugh, Upper Room]

“Place ALL your trust in me. I am giving some of you a new gift; for some of you it is a old friend. Even this I am expanding. I am giving you the gift of hunger. Embrace it lovingly. Allow it to lead you, to grow, to blossom and be fruit. Place all your trust in me and soon the desert shall bloom. Trust me. Trust me to never give you a stone instead of bread. The desert is a place of impossibilities. But do not be afraid of the desert. I have designed you to invade the impossible. Do not react to the powers of darkness, keep your eyes and ears open. Respond to what my Father is doing and you will experience impossible things through your hands. I give you My peace. Live it. It is your portion. Do not step out of it. The Father has created a place of peace, a mansion of peace for each of you to live in. Beginning now it is your inheritance forever. Choose to live aware of my Holy Spirit upon you, and do not forget that my thoughts about you are all good and will always be so.” [Jim Heller, At Large]

Ask for a Double Portion of My Spirit

“For such a time as this, My people, ask for a double portion of My Spirit.  My Spirit that you already possess but some allow to lie dormant while others use for their own purpose.  Will My Spirit have a voice; will My Spirit have hands that touch and heal; will My Spirit have feet that carry My message? This is the time.  Ask for a double portion of My Spirit.  Be courageous.  Faith will sustain you; hope will bear you up; love will set you free to act in My Name in what is coming, in what is already here.” 

[Ceil Ritchey, Sanctuary] Prophesy from 2016 Reaffirmed.

Day of Renewal September 17, 2016 
   with Bishop Ronald Gainer

Come, My lovely ones, come.

Allow Me to fill you with My Holy Spirit so all fear and anxiety will melt away.  How I long to cover you with My very own Self so that all I want to accomplish through you is done in complete submission to the Father’s will for you.  Do not be troubled, My children.  Do not be anxious or afraid. All has been provided for you.

The Father has planned every detail of your life.  Nothing escapes His attention. Trust, My Children.  Trust in the Father’s all merciful love for you.  It is all yours, My children.  He is all yours.  Go forth in the peace of My Spirit breathing in you so all you do is holy and pleasing to God.

Janet Shuttlesworth of Upper Room Prayer Group, Abbottstown.


Do not be afraid of weakness.  When you are weak, I am strong.  Do not rely on your own ability  but seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.  Come to me and trust me in your pain.

Bernie White, Sanctuary Prayer Group, St. Leo the Great Church, Lancaster.

My children of grace,

My grace and My mercy flow upon you constantly, like a mighty river.  Please become more aware of their existence.  Accept the graces I offer you and use them to speak My mane to all.  You are My mouthpiece, My hands to extend and explain My mercy and love to all.  I will lead and guide you to accomplish My will.

Christine Harbaugh, Upper Room Prayer Group, Abbottstown.


For such a time as this, My people, ask for a double portion of my Spirit.  My Spirit that you already possess but some allow to lie dormant while others use for their own purpose.  Will My Spirit have a voice; will My Spirit have hands that touch and heal; will My Spirit have feet that carry My message? This is the time.  Ask for a double portion of My Spirit.  Be courageous.  Faith will sustain you; hope will bear you up; love will set you free to act in My name in what is coming, in what is already here.

Ceil Ritchey, Sanctuary Prayer Group, St. Leo the Great Church, Lancaster.


My Beloved Children,

I am building you into a house where I may dwell.  I am the foundation.  I am the cornerstone on which you can build but you must choose wisely the materials that you use. 

            The first stones which you can use are the Sacraments, the graces you receive from Penance and Eucharist are the first line of defense against the onslaught of the Evil One

            Next you can use the stone of solitude—time given just to me—to our relationship. Come to me in silence without any agenda and listen to my voice.

            You also can use the stone of sacrifice—fasting, offering up the little choices, problems, aches and pains for the good of others. 

            The final stone I have given you is Sacred Scripture—to know me more deeply—to know my plan for your salvation.  There will be many who come saying that they know what is going to happen, that you have to follow their way.  But I have told you, I am the way.  I am the truth; I am the life.  Follow me.  I will lead you.

Anne Rohrbaugh, Come and See Prayer Group, St. Patrick Church, York.

1 Peter 4: 9-10

“Be mutually hospitable without complaining.  As generous distributors of God’s manifold grace, put your gifts at the service of one another, each in the measure he has received.”

Mary Ann Campion, St. Margaret Mary Prayer Group, Harrisburg.

Maria Vadia
Prophetic Word from the
Healing & Empowerment Workshop
February 21, 2015