2017 CHARISMATIC       


Will be held on:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

 for the 
Day of Renewal
Opened July 5

The Diocesan 

Service Team 

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The Service Team meets one time per month usually April to September.

Kathleen McCarthy


Radio Broadcaster


Conference Speaker

 Over 40 years in

 Healing Ministry

Day of Renewal  

(Voice Only - Time 1 hour)


Charismatic Day of Renewal




Diocese of Harrisburg

SATURDAY, SEPT. 17, 2016

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

AM Talk & Mass with Bishop Gainer

PM Talk on Forgiveness & Healing with Alberta Turcio

Prayer Ministry and More!

                    Bishop Gainer, a coal miner's grandson, completed studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in 1973 earning a Master of Divinity degree summa cum laude, and later earning a licentiate degree in Canon Law and a diploma in Latin Letter from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome in 1986. When a monsignor in Allentown in December 2002, Pope John Paul II named him to be bishop of Lexington, KY where he was installed in February 2003. Bishop Gainer was installed as Bishop of Harrisburg March 19, 2014. During his priesthood, he has also served in parishes, campus ministry, marriage and family, and tribunal positions. 
Talks by Bishop Gainer available on youtube:

2015 Steubenville ABS Conference (10:56) "I Have Spoken" Homily

May 2015 Theology on Tap, Lancaster (43:06) "Year of Mercy"

Afternoon Session Speaker & Moderator

                    Alberta Turcio will speak on “Forgiveness, How Important Is It In Our Lives?”  Are you struggling with a need to be forgiven, or should I forgive? Come find the answers to these and many other concerns about forgiveness.   

      Alberta’s trust in the Holy Spirit has enabled her to make difficult topics clear and understandable. Her enthusiasm for the Lord and His message is very evident.

      She was born in Rhode Island but spent most of her adult life in New Jersey and as a high school teacher, Alberta taught math and computer programming.  She and her husband, Frank, took early retirement to follow the Lord’s call to move to Lititz, PA, where together they serve the Lord nearly full-time as prayer group leaders, music ministers, and healing prayer warriors.  Besides teaching almost every week at the “Light of Christ Prayer Group” which meets Tuesday evenings at St. James in Lititz, PA,  she has been honored to be a speaker at many Charismatic gatherings in the Tri-state area.  She is thrilled that the Lord has enabled her to use her teaching gift for His glory.

                      July 2017 announcement!
     After 14 years in Lititz, Alberta & Frank have been called to relocate to Delaware. They were leaders at The Light of Christ Prayer Group at St. James Church. We will sorely miss their presence and wish them many blessings in their new home. May God lead them and bless them abundantly.
Theme for the Day of Renewal 2015
"The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus"

SEPTEMBER 19, 2015
Featured speaker Kathleen McCarthy
Hear her talk on youtube: https://youtu.be/ZLviNFry2xw

    In prophesy, Kathleen speaks what she hears Jesus say: “Be aware of my presence in your life, not only in the times of great joy and happiness, not only in the times that you see Me, in the times that you’re celebrating, in the times that you’ve received blessings, but I want you to see Me, in you, all times, the good times and the not so good times”.


      Kathleen McCarthy is a published author, Catholic radio broadcaster and has been a Catholic lay evangelist for almost 40 years. Her message of the Father’s merciful love, the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, and the power of the Holy Spirit are central to the doctrines of the Catholic Church.       Kathleen has traveled across the country and internationally as a sought after conference speaker.  She facilitates workshops, days of renewal and parish retreats.
      For over four decades, Kathleen has been involved in healing ministry. She has the gift of storytelling that readily touches the hearts of all individuals. Her willingness to share her faith and wisdom has established her as a dynamic instrument for proclaiming God’s word to both believers and Catholics of all ages.
      Kathleen has experienced the death of a husband, loss of a house through fire, personal and family illness and loss. Through it all, her uncompromising love of God and faith in His love for her has been her source of strength in weakness and her light in darkness. She is a gifted speaker who shares with enthusiasm and motivates many hearts to experience the living God. 

Music by BreakThrough Music Ministry.   Musicians for the day are Bob & Lori Ribic, Frank Tittiger, Lora Dietrich, and Rich McGowan.

     In Addition to talks, the Day of Renewal will have other special times of Praise & Worship, Word Gifts will be shared by our gifted leaders throughout the Diocese.  A Newcomer’s Session, Prayer Team Ministry & Unbound Ministry are also planned. 

     Lunch is included as part of the registration fee with preregistration.  Pre-registration (to include lunch).  Registration at the door does not include lunch.  This year's Day of Renewal facilitator will be Ro Burkholder.

Theme for the Day of Renewal 2014

               Fr. Ariel Hernandez, a dynamic, spirit-filled young priest, shared his love of Jesus in the Eucharist with us. Father has celebrated healing Masses around the Delaware Valley.” Born and raised in Argentina. He has been a Keynote speaker at Catholic Charismatic Conferences in Camden and Wildwood, N.J., and Philadelphia!

Does God Heal Today?



                                                                                                                       A first person witness!

     While viewing my MRI the surgeon said “Your spine has fused”. He went on to explain a fusion usually happens gradually over an extended period of time. However, God had a different option for me. I told him my experience and he believed that I even knew exactly when this fusion took place.

     After lower back surgery to relieve a pinched nerve in December 2012, I was later found to have contracted two deadly, slow-growing staph infections in the area which, when finally cured by long-term antibiotic treatment, left a separation in the spine which caused chronic weakness and pain. If the bone didn’t fuse on its own, further surgery would be necessary including insertion of a rod. Time was short for this to happen and the separation still no better when in October 2013 I attended the Camden Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Convention in Wildwood, New Jersey.

      I shall never forget the word Fr Ariel Hernandez gave during a healing session. He said “God is in the process of healing backs, specifically lower backs”. He had my attention! Father Ariel continued “You will know you are healed when you feel heat in that area”. At that moment the solidly frozen ice pack I had on my lower back turned into a hot water bottle. I knew God had healed me!

     When the doctor heard my story, his response was “someone up there likes you”. His next sentence is what every patient wants to hear. He pointed his finger at me and said, “You don’t need me anymore”. Praise God!                      

(Linda Metz, Sanctuary Prayer Group, Lancaster)


       Father Ariel received a special gift from the Blessed Virgin under the title of Our Lady of Schoenstatt and he is the custodian of a pilgrim miraculous image of her from Argentina. The Icon was available in the chapel for a special time of veneration during the Day of Renewal and Father led us in a dedication prayer at the end of Mass.
Hear his story here: